Core API Update Log

Date: October 09, 2021

This Core RESTful API v1.0.13 update log describes the changes made to the Core APIs. If you have any questions, please reach out to Core Developer Support.

Following are the updates made in this release:

  1. Introduced Core HR APIs. It brings the Core Human Resource Management (HR) functions on the API platform. Check them out here.

    Journal Types/hr/lists/journaltype
    Journal Status/hr/lists/journalstatus
    Incident Types/hr/lists/incidenttype
    Question Types/hr/lists/questiontype
    Review Templates/hr/reviewtemplate
    Employee Benefits/hr/employeebenefit
    Employee Benefit Usage/hr/employeebenefitusage
    Employee Salary History/hr/employeesalaryhistory
  2. Introduced the Global Settings – Time & Expenses endpoint. It allows you to retrieve the default settings for time and expenses from Core. Check it out here.
  3. Added the following property in the Payment model:
    • Memo: Records any extra information or details about a payment
    • Payment Model
  4. Added radio button selection for companies on the BQE Identity – Permission Request page instead of check boxes. This explicitly indicates that only one company can be selected at a time. Previously, you would get an error on selecting multiple companies.
  5. Updated the documentation and Swagger portal.